Help Desk Dashboard Overview



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The Help Desk "Dashboard" looks the same in the default "Tech" view as it does in the "Admin" view, with the exception of the "Admin" menu. The "Tickets," "Knowledge Base," and "Analytics" menus may be absent or look different for other tech roles.  


Check out this short video -  Dashboard Overview (2:10) - in addition to referring to this article.

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Dashboard View with priority circles.
Tickets Drop-down menu that includes "My Ticket View," "Unassigned Ticket View," and "All Ticket View."
Knowledge Base Drop down menu that includes "My Articles" and "All Articles."
Analytics Includes customized reporting functions.
Admin Only available for the service admin role.
User name Drop down menu that includes user profile settings and log out.
Create Ticket Tech/Admin ability to create a ticket.
Create Article Tech/Admin ability to create an article.
Search Box/Search Tech/Admin ability to search tickets.

Ticket Cards

Ticket cards represent the tickets assigned to the person signed in. The vertical band on each box indicates the status of the ticket.   


Click the  3.png  button to reassign the ticket from this view. Next, progress through the status of the ticket in the lower right-hand corner by clicking the Start Progress button. Lastly, click on the subject of the ticket to go to the full details screen.

Sort By

The "Sort By" drop-down list, on the left and above the ticket boxes, sets the sorting method. 



The "Status" drop-down list can be used to filter ticket boxes by status.


Show All Problem Types

The "Show All Problem Types" drop-down list, to the right and above the ticket boxes, sets the property type filter.


Note: A user with "Tech" view will not see the "Admin" menu.