Changing a Ticket Status



None assigned

Access a ticket from GetHelp Dashboard or the ticket drop down menu  


If Ticket has Approval Routing  

  1. Approve/Deny  - Routing rules assign a ticket to an approver 

  • Approve – Continues ticket progress to Assign or Ticket Routing to auto assign.   

  • Deny – Sends ticket to status of Closed 

  • Pending – Leaves ticket at Approve/Deny but activates notifications set to users. 





A ticket that is not routed to the approval process starts with an assignment. 


Changing a Status in a Ticket 

  1. Assign - A ticket can be assigned from: 

  • Inside the ticket by clicking the Assign button 

  • From the Unassigned Tickets list by selecting a technician in the dropdown menu 

  • In the creation of the ticket in the Assigned to field. 

  1. Start Progress - Triggers an asset status change in TIPWebIT. the asset associated to the ticket will change to In Repair status in TIPWebIT. 

  1. On hold - Puts the ticket in a status of On hold 

  1. Resume - Resumes the ticket progress and changes the status to In Progress 

  1. Resolve - Triggers an asset status Change in TIPWebIT. the asset associated to the ticket will change to In Use or Available status in TIPWebIT. Resolution notes are reflected in the body of the ticket. 

  1. Not Fixed - Returns the ticket to a status of In Progress 

  1. Close - Moves the status of the ticket to Closed 

  1. Reopen  - Moves the status of the Ticket to Reopened and allows the ticket to Resume 


Best Practices: 

Users cannot reopen tickets.