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Roles are used in Help Desk to create a custom permission template for technicians.


Check out this short video -  User Management: Roles (3:33) - in addition to referring to this article.

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Creating a New Technician Role

  1. Click the dropdown menu on the upper right of the Dashboard.
  1. Select User Management, then Roles
  1. Select Clone to the right of Default Service Technician Role

You can now customize a Service Technician Role:

  • Name: The name field is a required field that identifies the role being created.  You have up to 50 characters to define the name field.  (example: “Level I Technician”)

  • Description: The description field is used to provide further explanation of the intended role.  The description field as allowed up to 250 characters.  (example: “Technicians with less than 2 years in the technician position”)

  • Ticket Permissions: Ticket permissions define the activities within Help Desk that this technician is allowed to complete.  Make sure each activity that this technician can complete has a check in the box to the left of the activity by clicking on the box to select or deselect.

  • Ticket Visibility: Ticket visibility is directly related to what is visible in the Tickets drop down menu.

  • Article Permissions:  Article permissions defines whether or not technicians assigned to this Role are allowed to create and edit articles in the knowledge base.  Deselecting this box will remove the Create Article button from the technician’s Dashboard as well as the My Articles item from the Knowledge Base dropdown menu.

  • Analytics Permissions: Analytics permissions defines whether or not technicians assigned to this Role are allowed to access the Analytics menu from the technician’s Dashboard.  Deselecting this box will remove the button from the technician’s Dashboard.

Considerations for Creating Customized Technician Roles for Special Groups 

  • Approve tickets 

  • Change Status – required so ticket can complete routing process 

  • Add Followers – optional to add others for informational purposes   

  • Bulk Close Tickets – allows multiple tickets to move to a closed status

  • Bulk Assign Tickets allows the assignment of multiple tickets to one technician

Note: View All Tickets and View Unassigned Tickets will only apply to sites user is assigned to in User set up.