Troubleshooting Mobile IT Login Issues



  • web.config
  • Errors
  • ID4175

When a user tries to log in to Asset Management with an Android or Apple OS device via the Mobile IT Application, the login fails with a web configuration error.

Steps to Produce the Error

  1. Click Mobile IT Setup.
  2. Use a mobile phone to scan a QR code.
  3. Use SSO credentials to log in.

A Web configuration error populates, as shown below.



Steps for Resolution

This issue arises because the district’s ADFS token signing thumbprint has most likely changed. The district needs to send a new thumbprint to support to resolve the issue.

  1. Have the district's ADFS administrator use the following instructions to pull the thumbprint from ADFS:
  2. Copy and paste the content from the Thumbprint line (last line) and include it in the support ticket.