Asset Management Overview



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Asset Management allows a school district to manage the entire lifecycle of assets and have full confidence in its inventory data. Designed specifically for the unique environment of school districts, the system makes it easy to receive, issue, collect, audit, and locate items, and saves hours of time by giving you quick access to accurate reporting.

Asset Assignment and Management

Asset Management helps streamline your 1:1 model. Issuing assets is such a breeze! Digitally capture receipt signatures and email a copy to student and parent to increase accountability and reduce asset loss.

Assets can be assigned to rooms or issued to staff as well, giving a complete picture of how resources are being utilized throughout your district. Schools can share assets with site-to-site transfers that are set up to keep a chain of custody throughout the process. Each district has the flexibility to allow transfers to happen with or without the collection of digital signatures. Districts can even set up approval workflows to keep everyone in the know and make sure nothing gets lost in the process.


The auditing process efficiently assesses the current state of your inventory to make sure everything is correctly recorded and your district is following funding regulations.


Seamless integration with other district systems including SIS, HR, purchasing, fixed asset systems and Mobile Device Management creates even more consistency.

Users are empowered to maintain a big-picture view of all assets, providing the opportunity for budget forecasting and disposal planning as needed.