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The "Service Admin" has the ability to add/edit custom fields pertinent to the district's processes.

In order to add a custom field to a problem type, the custom field must be created and then added to a custom template that is associated with the problem type.


Check out this short video -  Field Management: Custom Fields (2:50) - in addition to referring to this article.

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Create a Custom Field

Service Admins have the capability to add/edit custom fields pertinent to the district's processes.

"Custom Fields" are customizable fields to track and group relative types of data. Admins may decide "Field Name," "Field Type," "Field Requirements," and "Description" to display to those viewing a ticket with a custom field applied.

The "Field Type" field allows admins to specify the types of data allowed in the field when entering a ticket. "Field Types" include "Integer," "Decimal," "Text," "Checkbox," "Date," and "Drop-down" menu.

  1. Select create_custom.png Create Custom Field.
  2. Select Data Type to define the field.


  1. Name the Custom Field.


  1. Provide a Description of the expected information.
  2. Indicate additional field parameters (if applicable):
    • Multi-select - Allows more than one listed selection
    • Required - Makes "Custom Field" information required for the completion of a ticket
    • Option List - Provides answer choices for field
  3. Click Create to save  'Custom Field."
    • You may also Cancel to close the window, which does not save data.

Edit a Custom Field

  1. Select edit.png Edit. The "Edit Custom Field" window opens.
  2. Update existing fields as needed, including additional parameter fields established.
Note: You cannot change the field type after creation.

Deactivate a Custom Field

  1. Select edit.png Edit. The "Edit Custom Field" window opens.
  2. Select Deactivate in the bottom left of the window. A warning displays: “Are you sure you want to deactivate this custom field? The field will no longer appear in the application, but all data related to this field will still be preserved.”


  1. Select Yes to inactivate and hide the field from the "Custom Fields" list, or select No to close the warning window and return to the edit screen.
  • To view deactivated custom fields, go to Show Inactive in the upper right-hand corner of the custom fields grid.
  • To make a field active again, select Activate in the "Edit" window.
  • A warning displays specifying the need to re-apply a field to a ticket.
  1. Select Update to finalize any selections.

Associate a Custom Field to a Template

Admins can apply a custom field and problem type association to a "Custom Ticket Template."

See Working with Ticket Templates for more information about adding these associations. 

Warning: Make sure the custom field and problem type are already created before attempting to connect them to a custom template.