Barcode Automation



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Asset Management software offers site level functionality to account for the real-time inventory of your instructional technology resources. Asset Management meets the unique needs of educational operation professionals for complete control over automating the assignment of everything from laptops to technology peripherals.

The Value of Barcode Automation


Track technology item assignment to sites and students, staff, or rooms using a handheld barcode scanner and a tag placed on each item for accountability and retention. 


View the current student history record while assigning items to identify previously lost items, outstanding fines, or duplicate assignments for that student.


Produce distribution receipts for the student or parent to acknowledge all items assigned to a student, the value of those items, and the policy to return those items.


Create and print customized collection notification letters, pre-formatted for mailing, to support the collection of outstanding fines or charges.


Record and manage payments collected for lost and damaged items.

How Barcoding Works

Apply unique numbered barcode tags to your items

Utilize existing compatible asset tags and/or print your own tags from Asset Management.

Add new inventory

Login to the Site receiving the items, select the product from your catalog, and scan each tag.
(This initial scanning process automatically links the existing product data in Asset Management to all the new items being received.)

Issue to rooms/students/staff

Login to the Site View, scan or enter the room number or student/teacher ID number then scan the tag number of the item(s). (Issuing items by barcode scanning links the individuals ID number or room number to the items’ unique tag number. The issuing process includes assigning related accessories, printing transaction receipts, and auditing the inventory details of the room/student/staff.)

Collect from student/staff

Login to the Site View, select the room the item will return to, then scan the tag number(s).
(The collection process includes returning accessories and printing transaction receipts.)

For information about scanners that are compatible with the barcode automation process, refer to the Barcode Scanners article.