Barcode Scanners



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Frontline Education sells a scanner pre-programmed for 128A symbology used in Asset Management. A scanner is easy to use, reduces human error, cuts out tedious manual data entry, and speeds up the inventory management process.

Barcode Scanners


LS2208 SYMBOL Attached Scanner

The attached scanner is easy to use and equipped with a USB interface that connects directly to any Laptop or Desktop PC allowing you to scan directly into the Asset Management software.

  • USB Ready & Durable
  • 6’ H x 2.5’ W x 3.34’ D, 5.15 oz.
  • Receives power from the personal computer USB interface
  • Includes Hands-Free Intellistand™ and USB cable. Shipping fees are additional.



s700 Bluetooth Scanner

The pocket-sized Bluetooth cordless handheld scanner is an Apple certified product, allowing you to scan directly into the Asset Management software accessed from your compatible device.

  • 1.6” H x 1.5” W x 5.2” L, 4.2 oz.
  • Works with Bluetooth enabled smartphones, tablets and laptop PC’s
  • Includes AAA rechargeable batteries (2), USB AC charger kit, Lanyard/belt clip with retractable tether



Turck RFID Reader

The handheld RFID Reader works with mobile devices to audit your RFID tagged assets in Asset Management. The reader works with tablets (iOS, Android, Windows) and smartphones (iOS, Android). Frontline Education has developed a custom Asset Management with RFID app to use with your reader.

  • 395” H x 3.74” W x 1.54” L, 0.6 oz
  • Works with audio port connection to smartphones, tablets, and laptop PC’s with Asset Management with RFID app (iOS, Android)
  • Permanent Li-Ion 1800 mAh battery, approx. 2 hours active scanning
  • Accessories include micro-B USB cable and power adapter

For information about the barcode automation process, refer to the Barcode Automation article.